Smoked salmon bagels - an elite New York breakfast

Smoked salmon bagels - an elite New York breakfast

When you hear the words ‘smoked salmon bagels’, you may immediately have scenes of a snowy New York City pop into your mind. So strong is the connotation between bagels and New York, that whatever the bagel is topped with, from avocado to ham, eggs to salmon, many people immediately associate the humble bagel with NYC.

And while neither bagels nor smoked salmon are derivatives of The Big Apple, the fusion of the two can definitely be attributed to The City that Never Sleeps!

At Smokin’ Brothers we love to enjoy this classic bagel pairing on a Sunday morning at any time of the year, serving our families and loved ones the best smoked salmon bagels around.

And now we are sharing our secret smoked salmon bagel recipe with you too - you’re welcome!


  1. Bagels of your choice
  2. Smokin Brothers smoked salmon [hyperlink]
  3. Two large eggs
  4. White or black truffles, as per your preference
  5. Salt and pepper, to your taste
  6. Chopped fresh chives, for garnish


  1. Slice the bagel in half and toast both halves to your liking (a toaster or a toaster oven both work equally well)
  2. Scramble the eggs (Gordon Ramsey is the best at this!)
  3. Place the scrambled eggs on the bottom half of the toasted bagel
  4. Layer the smoked salmon over the scrambled eggs
  5. Grate your chosen truffle over the salmon
  6. Sprinkle the fresh chives over the top for a burst of colour and a delicate extra flavour

And there you have it! A simple yet effective take on classic smoked salmon bagels, where good quality ingredients and processes shine through in the final result - and every mouthful from first to last!

Make sure you are using the highest quality salmon possible for these smoked salmon bagels - the final taste experience is contingent on the quality of the products used.

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