Smoked salmon fettuccine - the perfect leftovers recipe

Smoked salmon fettuccine - the perfect leftovers recipe

With an estimated 17% of total global food production wasted across households, food service and in retail, minimising our personal contribution to this statistic is an important and necessary step we all have a collective responsibility to take, across every meal we prepare and consume; as such, we are delighted to share our favourite smoked salmon leftovers recipe with you. 

At Smokin’ Brothers  we are champions of sustainability, and ethical methods and practices are at the heart of what we do, so our chefs have whipped up an Italian delicacy leftovers recipe just for you.

Our smoked salmon fettuccine takes leftover cuts of salmon and transforms them into an Italian delicacy, fit for Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses - your whole family!

Let’s dive in!


  1. Spaghetti or fettuccine, whichever you prefer
  2. Smoked salmon from Smokin’ Brothers 
  3. Cream cheese
  4. Fresh chives
  5. Fresh dill
  6. The zest of one lemon
  7. Black pepper 
  8. Extra virgin olive oil
  9. Parmesan cheese
  10. Optional: shaved truffle, for an extra special garnish



  1. Cook the spaghetti/fettuccine and reserve a ladle of the cooking water
  2. When the pasta is approaching al dente firmness, put the cream cheese in a hot pan
  3. As soon as the cream cheese starts to melt, add the pasta and the reserved ladle of cooking water
  4. Stir to mix the ingredients well, ensuring the cream cheese and water mix evenly coats the pasta
  5. Add a bunch of chopped chives and chopped dill: mix well
  6. Finally, add the smoked salmon leftovers
  7. Serve, garnishing with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of black pepper, a sprinkling of lemon zest, and lastly a few shavings of truffle, if desired

The final step?

Enjoy your authentic Italian-recipe smoked salmon fettuccine, knowing you are actively participating in reducing the problematic volume of food waste experienced around the world globally.

Tasty and sustainable? Buon appetito!

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