Top 5 high quality smoked salmon indicators

Top 5 high quality smoked salmon indicators

High quality smoked salmon is not just a delight for the senses, but for the body too.

Flavour, texture and the nutritional profile are all directly related to the quality of the fish being consumed. The lower the quality of the salmon results in a lesser taste experience, an inferior texture, and significantly diminished nutritional benefits.

High quality smoked salmon makes sense whichever way you look at it - however, how do you really know if the products you are consuming are indeed high quality?

True quality is determined by considering various factors such as appearance, texture, flavour and source.

Here are five key indicators to help you identify truly high quality smoked salmon: 

  1. Colour: High-quality smoked salmon should have a vibrant, appealing colour. Dull colour = low quality! Look out for a bright orange or pink hue to the flesh (depending on the species).
  2. Texture: The texture of smoked salmon is crucial. It should be moist and tender without being overly soft or mushy. A good indication of quality is the salmon's ability to flake easily when pulled apart.
  3. Smoking Process: Pay attention to the smoking process the salmon has been through. Ideally, high quality smoked salmon should be cold-smoked only, a method that imparts a delicate smokiness without cooking the fish. Cold smoking preserves the salmon's natural silky texture and allows the flavours to develop gradually.
  4. Origin and Source: The source of the salmon is a critical factor in determining its quality. Wild-caught salmon is generally considered superior due to its natural diet and lifestyle. If the packaging indicates the salmon is from a reputable source known for sustainable and responsible fishing practices, it's likely to be of higher quality.
  5. Ingredients: Check the ingredients list! High quality smoked salmon should have minimal ingredients: typically just salmon, salt, and maybe a natural wood smoke. Avoid products with excessive additives, preservatives, or artificial flavourings, as these can detract from the natural taste of the fish.

Bonus Tip: 

6. Packaging Date: Whenever possible, check the packaging date. Fresher smoked salmon is likely to have better flavour and texture. Look for products with a recent packaging date to ensure that you are getting a fresh product. The older the packaging date, the older the product!




Colour as a sole indicator:

  • Misbelief: Some people believe that the colour of salmon is the sole indicator of its quality, assuming that a deeper colour always signifies better quality.
  • Reality: While colour is an important factor, it is not the only one. Farmed salmon can be naturally or artificially coloured, and the diet of wild-caught salmon can also influence its colour. Other factors like texture and flavour should be considered for a comprehensive assessment of quality.

Assuming all wild-caught salmon is superior for farmed alternatives:

  • Misbelief: There is a common assumption that all wild-caught salmon is automatically of a higher quality compared to farmed salmon.
  • Reality: While wild-caught salmon is generally considered more natural and can have a richer flavour, responsible and well-managed salmon farms can produce high-quality fish also. Always look out for farmed salmon that are raised in sustainable and controlled environments and meet rigorous quality standards [like Smokin’ Brothers] [hyperlink] - these farmed salmon can be of equal quality to the most superior wild-caught salmon. And with current wild-salmon levels on the brink of extinction, there has never been a more important time to support sustainable salmon farms.

Overemphasis on freshness:

  • Misbelief: Fresher is always better, and frozen or smoked salmon is of inferior quality.
  • Reality: Yes, freshness is a crucial factor in determining the quality of a salmon, but freezing and smoking are legitimate preservation methods that can maintain the quality - and freshness - of the fish. In fact, some smoked salmon products when smoked correctly can be of exceptionally high quality, offering a unique and desirable flavour profile.

Ignoring Sustainable Practices:

  • Misbelief: Quality is determined solely by taste and appearance, with no consideration for sustainability.
  • Reality: The sustainability of the salmon source is a crucial aspect of quality. Responsibly sourced salmon not only supports the environment, but also often reflects better overall quality due to healthier and more natural living conditions for the fish.

We hope that these key indicators - and key misbeliefs - assist you in making informed choices into the smoked salmon you purchase and consume. Making knowledgeable decisions when selecting your smoked salmon ensures a delightful culinary experience for you and your loved ones while also supporting a sustainable smoked salmon industry - and that is what Smokin’ Brothers is all about!

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