A Smokin’ Promise to Our Ocean

A Smokin’ Promise to Our Ocean

Being committed to the Earth - and sustainable salmon farming - is not a choice, it is not a trend, it is an essential element of what makes Smokin’ Brothers unique. We are taking vital measures to convey our environmental dedication to every aspect of our process.


Part of our ethos is to ensure what reaches your plate has had minimal impact on the oceans delicate ecosystem. Commercial fishing removes an extortionate number of fish that are part of the natural pyramidal food chain, therefore leaving wild salmon without their natural feed. Unfortunately, commercial fishing vessels use equipment that traumatise the great habitats that rest beneath our captivating waves, trawling along the ocean floors and catching a destructive abundance of other incredible sea life in their nets. The more we learn, the more our beliefs and understanding can develop. We are aware of independent fisherman in Alaska who are opting for traditional methods to source their catch mindfully; they are against the more, more, more mindset of commercial fishing. However, having it imported from Alaska requires extensive, expensive travel. Thus, we remain committed to our local solution in line with our values.

We stand with the sea life and for the ocean. We stand with sustainable salmon farming.

We truly believe it is not too late, and an alternative is always possible.

So, can farmed fish be the solution against compromising wild sea life and their habitats?


Smokin’ Brothers don’t just choose any farmed salmon, for that would still be contributing to the environmental issues. There are huge concerns around farmed fish, however, these stem from unprecedented consumer demand for cheaper seafood and compromised practices to meet these demands. Previously a practice that began as an alternative to commercial fishing, it now fuels a multi-billion-dollar industry, caring only for stock quotation; more money made at the cost of ocean life.

However, it is not all bleak, we have found that it is possible to have an environmentally responsible approach to fish farming. With a highly selective process we opt for farms with mindful environmental practice, conscientious fish feeding, and a positive and dedicated work ethic. All of these practices are closely monitored and regulated.


After A LOT of research, we have chosen to source from Wester Ross, a family-run business, with exceptional farming practices. The salmon are ethically hand-reared by second and third generation farmers; they employ exceptional husbandry standards, the highest welfare standards, and they practise hormone-free, medicine-free, antibiotic-free, and GMO-free farming.

We selected Wester Ross as the only independent family-owned Scottish salmon farmer; because we want you to continue enjoying the best, whilst supporting our fragile and worthy ecosystem.


You can begin by asking the right questions: Why is it this cheap? Where did it originate? How was it fished? A label that certifies it ‘sustainably sourced’ does not guarantee that it really was. Instead of looking for the best deal and consuming multiple times a week, consider the impact your choice will have on the environment. Be mindful and conscious in your consumption.

We hope our future holds thriving oceans, and an abundance of sea life. The future of our oceans depends on the positive choices we make. Ask questions of your local fishmonger, the deli owner, or your salmon smoker to find out if they truly know the source. Make informed decisions.

Smokin’ Brothers believe in small, family-run businesses. We will only source our farmed salmon from family-run farms, with decades of knowledge and an ingrained devotion to their sea; the same sea which has provided for generations before, and hopefully for the generations to come.

We understand the deep need to be environmentally responsible, and as such, we make it a point to devote our time to research & innovation to reduce our impact on the fabric of the Earth.

Shop better. Eat mindfully.

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